​​We raise funds for vetting by selling animal related products on  EBAY . Artwork, created by Kathy Newton, our President, is sold year round. Keep checking back as items are added often. I do special orders for specific breeds as time allows!

Venmo Instructions:

1) Click the green "Adopt or Donate with Venmo" button below.

2) Sign into your Venmo account.

3) Use our Venmo account @Kathy-Newton-23 to make your donation or pay your adoption fee.

​Not ready to adopt?  Please consider a donation to help us rescue more animals in need!


We offer 3 convenient online payment methods for donations and adoption fees, PayPal/Credit Card** and Venmo.  Follow the instructions below to donate or pay adoption fees.

** You do NOT need a PayPal account to use PayPal.  You will be given an option to use a credit card instead of a PayPal account.

PayPal/Credit Card Instructions:

1) Click the green "Adopt or Donate with PayPal/Credit Card" button below.

2) Select Adoption Fee or Donation from the drop down list.

3) Enter the dollar amount of your donation or adoption fee.

4) If you would like to make recurring monthly donations, please check the box indicating this. Leave unchecked for adoption fees.

5) Please check the "I’d like to add to my donation to help offset the cost of processing"  box. This will add PayPal's standard processing fees to your donation/adoption fee. 

6) Click either the pay by PayPal or Credit Card button.